Our job

  • Sell more with videos

    Everywhere products are sold, videos help speed up sales. With videos, users find answers that help them better understand the product.

  • It’s a simple and effective way to bring them information that leads to a purchase: a demo on how to use it, feature descriptions, and the different situations in which it can be used.

    VideoMark helps you launch your products and services. Our teams will:
    - work with you to identify your goals, targets, and essential messages,
    - create the video that highlights your product or service,
    - broadcast it on those Websites where your clients are likely to be found,
    - and supply you with detailed statistics.

    Video is an investment that covers the product’s entire life cycle. It helps you create lasting performance quickly.

    In addition, video helps you present your products and services to a varied audience: customers, journalists, sales teams, and partners.

    For more information, please contact us.

Design and execution

  • Working together for an optimal result

    We tailor our videos to your specific product. Thanks to our unique savoir-faire, we will pitch your products in the best possible light.

  • Our teams handle all aspects of the making of each video, from the script to post-production.

    You will be assigned one of our project managers, who will guide your project.

    Before the project begins, together we will determine the length of the video, production constraints, setting, casting of the extras, and scouting, if need be.
    Our teams also research and analyze potential user problems in order to prevent them.

  • Following the briefing, we will propose a script that highlights important elements. We advise you on all aspects in order to create the most attractive and effective video possible.

    We shoot and edit the video, which you can integrate using common video players or by using our custom video player, which adapts to every company’s needs and allows you to maintain complete control.

  • You approve each step, and have the final say on the video’s content and appearance.

    At project’s end, we send you your video pre-configured for the VideoMark player as well as for the statistics tool.

    After your video is finished, you can always request changes in order to keep it up-to-date with the evolution of your product over time (i.e., changes to the warranty, new features, etc.).

    For more information, please contact us.

Integration and broadcast

  • An integrated solution coupled with efficient distribution

    We take care of the hosting, integration, and distribution of videos in order to guarantee their visibility, which in turn helps you increase your conversion rates.

  • Player compatibility

    Each video comes integrated into our video player, which is compatible with more than 98% of computing devices (no extra software download required). It automatically adjusts its configuration to the interface, e.g., computer, tablet, smartphone....
    Depending on the Website, the video player either displays directly on the page or it opens in a Lightbox or pop-up.
    You can also upload the video onto online video platforms such as YouTube and Dailymotion.

    Targeted distribution

    We handle the integration of the video player on the most relevant Websites. We single out the key pages on each Website in order to offer you the greatest possible visibility.

    We fit the video player’s graphic design to that of the selected Websites, and supply you with the line of code necessary to embed the video player.

    Effective viewing

    Videos are divided into chapters for easier navigation and improved comprehension of the content.

    The video player displays complementary information (text, images, links) related to the video.

    Tabs can also be displayed above the video for direct access to contextual information: spec sheet, questions & answers, visiter feedback....

    Reliable hosting

    We host all the videos we produce. Our servers allow videos to be watched immediately (streaming).

    For more information, please contact us.

Tracking and analytics

  • Find your way around easily, and quickly evaluate the conversion rate

    Because it is essential for you to be able to track your video viewings, our video player comes with a reliable, sophisticated statistics tool.

  • View the number of people who have watched the videos on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

    Easily identify which users come across the video, who starts watching it, and who watches it until the end.

    For each site where the videos are displayed, you can also see the view time. This tells you if users enjoyed the videos they watched.

    View detailed results for each video, or a global overview of all your videos together.

    As with all analytics tools, you can create custom reports in order to evaluate specific marketing campaigns and compare them.

    Whether for e-mail, display or affiliation campaigns, you can effectively analyze the contacts who are interested in your products or services.

    To access the stat tool, log on to your user account as often as you wish.

    Our stat tool lets you measure precise conversion rates after each video.

    For more information, please contact us.