Mixer Triblade Kenwood HB7111


To help you complete all your recipes quickly and effortlessly, Kenwood created the revolutionary Triblade…..
the first mixer with 3 blades! Faster than a traditional «2-blade» mixer, you will save precious time in the kitchen.
Making soup or smoothies has never been this easy, because the three blades on the Triblade are set at 3 separate levels for greater efficiency.
They are rotated by a powerful 700-Watt motor housed in the power handle.
Its center of gravity is therefore ideally placed and renders it perfectly manageable.
With its comfortable grip and non-slip finish, you can easily reach the Speed 1 button as well as a Turbo button that greatly reduces preparation time.
It is also very precise because it comes with 5 speeds for optimal use according to the ingredients and attachment used.