Premium picks for smart punters is a sports advisory service whose aim is to help you make money from betting. BetAdvisor does not consider sports betting to be gambling, but regards it as an investment. Follow the most successful tipsters and your betting will become profitable.

Join today, get a 7-day FREE Trial and receive your premium picks now! A unique platform including unique functionalities is the n° 1 European platform for the distribution of sports predictions. The sports covered include football, horse racing, rugby, tennis and basketball, as well as American football and ice hockey. Professional analysts offer pre-match predictions, and also live-betting sessions. The predictions and their results, as well as their performance, are verified by third-party organisations such as and received ISO 9001 certification in April 2010 for its algorithms, the transparency of the information and its customer service. This was a world first for a sports predictions website. BetAdvisor is thus the most trustworthy and transparent market player, its objectives being Performance & Confidence.
The BetAdvisor service offers unique functionalities:
⁃             Reception of picks in real time on your cell phone by SMS or by email: as with the stock market, the speed with which you can make your choice is crucial, since the trading rate (here, the share index) can vary rapidly. The speed of reception of your information for betting is therefore a key element for your profit over the long term.


⁃             The instant that one of our professional tipsters places his prediction, you will receive it on your phone. For tips published on matches in play (Live betting), this lapse in communication is reduced to under a second.


⁃             You may place your subscription on hold at any time: if you are unable to bet for a given period (holidays, lack of internet connection etc.), BetAdvisor offers you the possibility of putting your subscription on hold for a maximum duration of 1 year. Change your tipster for free: any subscription of over 1 month gives you the right to change your tipster for free once a month. You may therefore try up to 12 different tipsters in the course of a 1-year subscription.


⁃             Evaluate and publish your opinions on the tipsters you are following.


⁃             Monitoring of your performances: according to your choice of tipsters, we provide you with very precise simulations regarding the profits that you have made, thanks to the tipsters you subscribed to.


The full service and all of its functionalities are provided in our 7-day free trial offer.
So don’t wait any longer and try us now!
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