Our approach

  • The video in the service of transformation.

    Our savoir-faire stems from dual technical skills honed during the creation of over 200 marketing videos.

  • We handle both the mechanisms of marketable performance on the Internet and video production at the same time. This unique expertise, based on precise and tested rules, lets us offer each participant a new e-commerce experience : using videos to help convert customers.

  • Triple satisfaction

    The goal of each video is to satisfy everyone involved in the marketing process.

    - The customer: instructed and confident about how to use the product, customers are provided all viable data in order to make a decision. Their questions get answered, and they get ideas on how the product is used in real-world situations, which can be difficult to appreciate in-store.

    - The business owner: by providing a video, s/he ensures a better visibility and understanding of the product. As a result, the conversion rate improves.

    - The manufacturer: videos highlight the product’s advantages when compared to the competition. Videos can also be used for other purposes: sales-team training, fairs/trade shows, television advertising …

Our team

  • Experts doing it all

    With VideoMark, you’ll work with a dedicated and responsive team, and one single project manager for the duration of the project.

  • Our teams take care of the entire project so that you can concentrate on your business.

    Each team member has a specific know-how: video, technical, integration on commercial websites, customer relations. All team members are complementary and interchangeable.

    That way, you get the necessary expertise for each stage of your project: highlighting key messages, video production, statistics measurement, installation...

    We do everything we can to meet your expectations and to guide you. We’re constantly trying to improve.